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Welcome to our Blog, R.O Surfaces is a quartz, granite, solid surface and granite/quartz overlay supplier in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, Durham and surrounding areas.

We will be giving information on products, questions and everything inbetween for you worktops, so keep checking back

By Dave Dixon, Jun 9 2019 12:49PM

Weve had a huge expansion at our Swalwell site so we have kitchens, bathrooms, cladding, tiles, worktops and flooring all available to view and purchase

Our sister site is now live too this is where you can view our handmade bespoke kitchens, bahroom and bedroom furnature, we have some stunning designs and we can create anything you desire, so if you have a kitchen that needs planning pop in and see us we have customers from all over northumberland, newcastle upon tyne, cumbria, we make all our own furniture so we can make the doors any size any colour any style. It couldnt be any simpler and we still beat the big sheds on price!!

anyway what have we been up to?? Our Dekton and porceialin worktops are still going out strong weve recently been out to Wylam, Corbridge, Birtley and Gosforth supplying and installing Dekton Trillium, opera and Vera truly stunning.

Weve also been doing a lot of our own Calacatta quartz going out weve just installed a huge one in Gosforth along with one of our bespoke handmade kitchens, just off gosforth high street. We have been doing a lot of work around the NE3 postcode lately, we still recieve calls about our showroom in Gosforth but we moved 3 years ago allthough some wheels are in motion to put another showroom right next to gosforth high street.

We have been doing some stunning granite jobs too lately weve been up Whitley bay, Tynemouth and Jesmond with out Granite worktops infact we have been al over the north east and Northumberland so some new tyres might be needed for the vans with the amount of miles weve put on them!!

Our solid surface is still going out with some recent jobs in the ever popular Staron however our Corian seems to have tailed on in favour of staron maybe a lot to do with the price factor as Corian has had a price increase, weve got a staron to do in Whickham next week and a corian in rowlands gill

If you have a specific project in mind that requres some surfaces why not pop in and have a chat our address is RO studio, unit 2, foundry park, market lane, ne16 3ds

By Dave Dixon, Apr 13 2019 03:43PM

Lets talk about the new Dekton ultra slim!!!! Its bloody lovely

We have been in the ultra large format tile market for a little while now so when Cosentino brought Dekton Ultra slim out we were all over it.

Super versatile we can use it to clad exterior buildings, create stunning bathrooms, lay beautiful floors and much more. We have already been pricing up some commercial projects using the Dekton as we are approved fabricators in the North East.

Dekton Slim joins Dekton, Silestone and Sensa in the range from Cosentino so you know that the product is quality.

We have some changes internally down at our place with a new showroom manager coming on board with us as of Monday we are over the moon to welcome Adele to the team, she has 10 year managerial experience in the retail sector and we know she will be a great addition to the team.

We have been as busy as ever with our worktops this month with some stunning granites going in around the north east we've put some Black beauty in at Birtley as well as some blue pearl, we've been back up to seahouses to put in some black star galaxy granite in 30mm and up to Corbridge to put in some Silestone at the potteries we are literally all over the Newcastle and Northumberland

Our solid surface division is still going strong with a full re polish on some black corian, which was quite tricky but we think we managed it quite well what do you think?? there is some before and afters below this text. We can bring your Corian back to life after years of heavy use

As always we have loads going on behind the scenes with our showroom looking beautiful and our sister company preparing to launch the website for full home improvements including bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, spraying, amongst other things so stay tuned to to see what's going on

corian repolish north east england, whitley bay
corian repolish north east england, whitley bay

By Dave Dixon, Mar 29 2019 04:43PM

its been so hectic the last 4 weeks or so we havnt even had time to be on our blog!! We have been so busy with our granite worktops flying out the door. Some of mother natures finest. We have some stunning 30mm viscount white granite with waterfall legs up in Darras Hall, 6 jobs of our marble effect quartz worktops all over the north east of england including Ponteland, Medburn, Cramlington, Westerhope, Killingworth and Chapel house. Our Solid surface division has been busy with corian and staron jobs too.

Also we are still squaring away the showroom but we now have some stunning 12mm dekton trillium on displays and some of our 20mm marble effect quartz with quartz sink drainer grooves and waterfall edge to boot. All with a full height splashback it looks truly stunning, we will be having a grand opening very soon and our invites will be going out to all the local resisdents of Whickham, Swalwell, Dunston, Rowlands Gill, Team Valley and all the other surrounding areas.

We were talking with one of our trade customers last week to who have a place on team valley and he said customers have said umpteen times that there is no granite worktop suppliers on team Valley. We are literally 5 minutes drive from there. Our address is R.O Studio / R.O Surfaces, unit 2 , foudry park, market lane, swalwell, ne16 3ds.

We still have a bit of a battle to get the new showroom done which feels like its been going on forever but its looking truly stunning and we have some supper exciting stuff going on!!!!

Have you seen the new ultra thin Dekton surface for bathroom walls???? its 4mm thick, super large format tiles. When we say large format we mean large format as is 3000mm x 1200mm yes thats right 3 meters by 1.2 meters and are truly stunning. pop in and say hi and have a look at some samples

By Dave Dixon, Jan 20 2019 04:02PM

So after a long battle with Avonite we no longer sell it!! We put a job in around July time and when we were doing our finial finishing on it we noticed that there was what appeared to be tiger stripes in it. (it was a glitter decor and on closer inspection there was no glitter where the tiger stripes were giving the impression of darker spots in the material.

So we contacted our rep through the distributors who then in turn contacted Aristech who are the makers of avonite. The first reaction from them that it was something that we had done whilst fabricating (obviously we were expecting this!!) we denied it, this went back and forth for a while until the distributors had to pay to get a independent company to come out and evaluate the worktops. All this time our customer in Birtley had a worktop that whilst fit for purpose just wasn't what he or us for that matter wanted. Adam our customer met the independent guy who took one look at the surface and said it was a manufacturing fault.

Great news or so we thought! Usually in a situation like this the company would refund us, pay for the fabrication time. It keeps everybody happy and no one looses. Except in this case Avointe / Aristech didn't they just said they would replace the sheets. Now by this time Adam didn't want the material anymore as it had dragged on so long he wanted something else (which we fully supported) So fast forward to December we received a cheque for the material amount only, not the fabrication time, not the materials used during fabrication time nothing, the distributor then added a good will gesture of £250. We were appalled at the customer service from Aristech who's rep wouldn't answer the phone to either the distributor or us and i will never stock there products in my showroom again.

In stark contrast to them Staron and Blackheath products who when we had a piece of faulty material sent down the rep to sort the problem out immediately. Jason (blackheath rep) walked into the customers house seen the problem opened up the sample box told the customer to pick ANY decor they wanted and that it would be with me next day for fabrication. He then sorted out a full refund of all fabrication costs to us from the job. You cant get better customer service than that!!

Every company get problems and issues and its how they are sorted out that parts the good ones from the bad ones, especially when these huge distributors and manufacturing companies are dealing with small family run businesses like us its easy for them to just dismiss our claims, they wouldn't loose anything they turn over millions and millions but its us the fabricators who are at the ones who stand to loose out either with fabrications costs, time, or even worse bad realtaionships / reviews with customers

So when customers visits our showroom now you won't see Avonite at all however we still have a great range of solid surface samples for you to see. Staron, Corian, Tristone are all there at our Swalwell showroom (next to the metrocentre)

Customer service is paramount for us and will remain to be forever, so along with your stunning Granite, Quartz, Solid Surface worktop rest assured you will receive a great service

By Dave Dixon, Jan 13 2019 01:50PM

We showcased the new Dekton Bergan over at our facebook page and its truly stunning!! Real earthy tones with natural looking veining, we will be having a slab of it on display at our Swalwell showroom in the near future.

What a first week back its been!! Weve had lots of quotes flying out this week and been busy with the showroom and getting the first few jobs ready to go out the door. Weve got some Caeserstone quartz going into Whitely bay and Wylam. Our Ceaserstone seems to be doing really well at the minute i don't think they had a big presence in the North East (especially Newcastle Upon Tyne) until recently now we cant stock it quick enough. They have some pretty interesting quartz colours and styles to choose from, if you'd like to see some come and visit us and see what all the fuss is about!!!

Weve just installed some Starton solid surface (like Corian) at one of our trade customers showrooms in Blaydon which looks amazing too.

Now the real work starts on our own place we've ripped out all upstairs so are in the process of building all the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms and of course all the worktops. We are having a mixture of everything we will be using Silestone, Cambria, Caeserstone, Dekton, Corian and Staron with some stunning Granite worktops thrown in the mix. We cant wait for it to be finished to show the whole world!!

We are proud suppliers and fabricators of Silestone, Cambria, Caeserstone, Dekton, Corian and Staron and we have been called to a lot of corian repairs and solid surface repairs in general, some had to be ripped out and started from scratch so please visit the people who are doing your work before hand to see what they can do we are worktops specialists and will gladly show our work off to any potential customers

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