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Welcome to our Blog, R.O Surfaces is a quartz, granite, solid surface and granite/quartz overlay supplier in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, Durham and surrounding areas.

We will be giving information on products, questions and everything inbetween for you worktops, so keep checking back

By Dave Dixon, Oct 5 2019 01:27PM

Sintered stone worktops are often referred to as ceramic worktops or porcelain worktops. We are approved fabricators and installers of the market leaders of these tops such as Neolith, Dekton, Laminam,Lapitec, Infinity stone, Coverlam, Xstone and Porcelthin. We have been fabricating these products for over 4 years now. R.O Surfaces was one of the first companies in the North East of England to start using these surfaces. Even still to this day a lot of companies wont deal with it because of the fabricating issues that occur with it.

So we often get asked what is sintered stone and why should we use it?

It is a 100% natural material based on 3 groups of natural elements:

1. Granite Minerals: Quartz and Feldspar which grants hardness and strength to the product.

2. Glass Minerals and Silica which grants chemical stability.

3. Natural oxides which grants chromatic properties

Amongst other things it is also


Non porous

Suitable for use outdoors

Resistant to high temperatures

Resistant to staining

Resistant to detergents

Resistance to chemicals

Resistance to thermal shock

Resistance to freezing-defrosting

Resistant to humidity

Resistance to UV rays

Resistant to scratching and abrasion

Easy to clean and maintain

It is a very versatile product which can be used in a variety of situations we have adopted this surface and use it for kitchen worktops and splashbacks, Bathroom walls full cladded with chain linked material (where the veins will run right around the room), Vented Facades, furniture and much more!

We have done some very exciting projects in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne and Northumberland with our sintered stone and are becoming known as the go to company for any ceramic / porcelain or sintered stone jobs, we work closely with designers, architects, specifiers and commercial contractors to create bespoke solutions for their projects. With the ever changing market in worktops there is now more choice then ever with companies offering finished in over 126 colours.

If you are thinking of a project you haven't decided what surface to go for or you have decided on a sintered stone / porcelain then come and see us. No appointment needed just call or pop into the showroom and see one of our specialists. 0191 447 7440 or call in R.O Studio / R.O Surfaces, Unit 2, Foundry Park, Market Lane, Swalwell, NE16 3DS

We are located right next to the metro centre and Whickham or 5 minutes drive from Team Valley

We Supply our stone to the general public or trade and are looking for new trade customers with showrooms to put some of our new exclusive displays in.

By Dave Dixon, Sep 29 2019 03:01PM

We've just returned from a incredible trip to Italy where we visited the Marmo show in Verona and the Cersaie show in Bologna. We were invited out there as guests of one of our suppliers and it was amazing!

The shows let us see what the rest of the world is doing with Granite, porcelain and quartz. Its actually amazing what can be done with the right machines and a little imagination. Ive posted a picture of something from the show below which blew my mind!!!!!!! We've invested in a few little machines too to help with production

Anyway whilst ive been away the team has been very busy with installations from the factory with Dekton, Laminam and Neolith all flying out as the ceramic / Porcelain / sintered stone market show no sign of slowing down and is not as popular as ever, we have some stunning jobs to show you with it so keep a eye on our facebook page to see them when they pop up click HERE and like our page to keep up to date with us.

Our natural stone and quartz side has been going as well with Silestone, Caeserstone and our own brands all topping the bill this month.

We love stone and after our trip we love what can be done with it!

If you have a worktop project coming up that you would like to discuss we would gladly have a sit down and advise you on whats best for your needs

By Dave Dixon, Aug 11 2019 07:38AM

When it comes to choosing worktops there are so many how do you choose????

Granite, quartz (Silestone,Cambria,Caesarstone to name a few), porcelain, ceramics and sintered stones (Dekton, Laminam, Neolith,lapitec), Solid surfaces (Corian, Hanex, Starton, LG Hi-Macs) then marbles and quartzites. Although we have policies on selling marble to customers as worktops. Here at R.O Surfaces, we like to educate our customers about the materials so if a customer wants marble and hasn't had marble previous we would explain to them what will happen to the worktops over time, how they will age and how they can etch. Even with the best sealers in the world a marble will etch which is different from a stain!

The same with all our worktops we explain how to look after them and care for them. Corian and the other solid surfaces are to be looked after a little different to stone as with Corian being an acrlyic you can use a scouring pad and sandpapers on the face of it if you ever get stubborn stains whereas stones will simply require a good cleaner such as Cif or Barkeepers Friend to remove stubborn marks

We have installed granite worktops in thousands of homes across the Newcastle upon tyne area and Northumberland and (touch wood) we havnt had a stain on a top we couldnt remove but we are also lucky enough that all of our customers have followed our care instructions!!

Our Showroom is jam-packed with all of our sample worktops and tiles for you to browse we are open 9-5 every weekday and 9-2 on a Saturday we always have someone on hand to give you some advice and point you in the right direction. We may not be the cheapest around but we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and have gained an excellent reputation which we are very proud of. We don't use inferior products and we can stand behind our products 100%. a quote we heard a very long time ago that has stuck with us is "quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten"

Last week weve been installing in Cheser le street with some stunning Dekton Trilium, Benton in Newcastle Upon Tyne with some Silestone and some more Dekton Trillium, a huge job in Gosforth with some Caeserstone and Whickham with a stunning Corian Island with drop-down legs and integrated Corian sink,

you can stay up to date with us on our facebook page click HERE

For any home improvements such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, tiles, cladding or flooring you can visit our sister company R.O Studio click HERE or the facebook page HERE

By Dave Dixon, Jul 28 2019 07:33AM

Check out this Laminam Invisible white. This Porcelain worktop or tile emulates the natural stone perfectly

It comes in a variety of thicknesses Perfect for Bathrooms in a tile format, worktops or facades. We are in the process of making some furniture with this and similar materials and we can't wait to showcase them to you!

Laminam is a name you can trust as they have over 40 years in the Ceramic and porcelain industry. Laminam was the first ever ultra-large format tile so they have pioneered this technology.

Laminam has 125 surfaces within 14 different series so there will be something for everybody's taste. The industrial range does very well as does the natural collection. R.O Surfaces is proud to partner with companies such as Laminam as we know they are at the forefront of the market. Laminam is another material R.O Surfaces works with on a regular basis we are one of the very few Laminam fabricators in the North East of England in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne and Northumberland. Laminam adds to our already extensive range of ceramics/porcelains/sintered stone along with our Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec

Granite and quartz has the lion share of the worktop market but the Porcelains are quickly catching up with it and we think in time it will dominate the market

We would love to work with your for you worktop/kitchen projects so if you have something in mind pop into our showroom R.O Studio, Unit 2, Foundry Park, Market Lane, Swalwell, NE16 3DS

you can keep in touch via our Facebook webpage click HERE

By Dave Dixon, Jul 21 2019 10:05AM

We constantly get asked about supplying or fitting howdens, wrens, wickes, magnets, BnQ or Ikea grantie dekton or quartz in Newcastle Upon Tyne / Northumberland. The simple answer is yes we do!! So if you have a kitchen from one of the above and would like a quote for to supply and fit the worktops for your kitchen get in touch!!

We also know Howdens sell granite and we offer a fit only service for your granite or quartz worktops

Most of the time R.O Surfaces is better priced than the likes of the sheds too and your dealing direct with the factory so you can come and view your slabs before they are cut we also have a choice of 100's of samples for you to view.

We have also been inundated with our new laminam compact porcelain worktops they are truly stunning (its similar to Dekton) there is a huge range and once our new yard is complete we will have all the slabs on display plus a few little suprises!! Of course we are still doing lots of our quartz worktops, granite and marble worktops in the North East the showroom is busier than ever! Just the way we like it

If you have a specific project in mind come and visit us at unit 2, foundry park, market lane, swalwell, ne16 3ds

Alternatively you could pop into our sister companies showroom for any of your home improvements and get a quote for your dream kitchen there

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