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What worktop should i choose? - If you have a specific project in mind and would like some information on which way to choose your surface then do not hesitate to contact us we offer free no obligation advice and quotes


Why should I choose RO to install my quartz overlay worktops? -Because we have the best overlay Quartz worktop available in the world. Ours is the most natural in terms of looks and feel, it also comes with a 10 year warranty!!!


Will my worktop stain?? - You’d be very unlucky to stain your Quartz worktop. Unlike granite and marble, Quartz is non porous meaning any spillages will simply pool on the surface until wiped off


Quartz or Granite? -  This completely depends on your taste, Granite is a beautiful, unique, random patterened and has small pits, fisures and veins. Some people love this about granite

As Quartz is an engineered stone, there is none of these impurities, faults or imperfections found within the slabs giving a more uniform look but still maintaining the natural beauty of a stone worktop


Does my worktop need any maintenance? - depending on which worktop you have chosen there may be some minimal maintenance over a period of time to keep your worktop looking beautiful but for the most part you simple clean with a microfibre cloth and some warm water


What else can your worksurfaces be used for? - Kitchens, bathrooms, interior wall claddings, receptions, doctors, dentists, retail outlets, sports centres, pubs, schools, just to name a few.


Do you do commercial work? - Yes we cover all domestic and commecrial work.


Do you do trade accounts? - If you are a kitchen or batrhoom fitter and would like to discuss terms please contact us


Sintered stone / porcelain - Is it really heat, stain and scracth resistant? Yes complelety neolith, laminam, Dekton etc are excellent for worktops, outdoor BBQ's, the promo videos have chefs cutting direct on top of them