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For those of you on a tighter budget or who are having a kitchen makeover we have the ideal surface, quartz overlay. This is by no means cheap as it is still solid quartz but it comes in 8mm thick slabs and sits direct over your existing surface and is normally installed in 1 day  


Why Quartz overlay?


Natural Beauty that never goes out of fashion - The Beauty of our quartz will stay   with you for many many years giving you the wow factor again and again


Maintenance free - 100% non porus unlike granite and other stones, just a wipe with a damp cloth keeps out quartz worktops clean, certified for use in hospitals care homes  


Durable - One of the hardest minerals on the planet only diamonds,  sapphires and emeralds are tougher than quartz, manufactured to the highest standards to give superior strength and integrity, Also scratch resistant and can easily withstand everday knocks and scrapes


Heat resistant - Out quartz overlay worktop are highly heat resistant however we do NOT reccomend you put your pans straight off the hob onto the surface  Brings your kitchen back to life - Our overlay can make a huge difference to any kitchen, we can also use our quartz to create upstands and matching splashbacks

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