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Cohen gold has landed in the North East

The most beautiful marble for your home has arrived in the North East exclusively with R.O Surfaces.

Look at this absolute stunner of material straight from the Quarry of Carrara to our yard in Newcastle Upon Tyne. This is the one and only Callacatta cohen gold with super rich flowing gold veining and striking greys this is truly one of the most beautiful marbles in our yard. we have a super project planned for these slabs so stay tuned.

With all the trouble around quartz at the moment with the high silicosis rates of workers natural stone is coming out on top once again. Below is an article link to what is going on, with a ban on all quartz worktops in Australia and looking very likely in the USA it's only a matter of time until the UK follows on.

Let's be honest if you put a slab of marble next to a slab of quartz aesthetically there is no comparison, the marble wins 100 times over, the reason quartz is so hugely popular is that companies have spent literally millions of pounds badmouthing other stones in favor of quartz. For instance, telling customers and kitchen designers that quartz is heatproof, is completely incorrect quartz is heat RESISTANT not heatproof up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit meaning if you put a boiling hot pan from your oven direct onto your worktop it could burn the resins in is and your worktop is done for. The same cannot be said for natural stones.

Take a granite, quartzite, marble or even porcelain worktop direct heat from a pan would not affect these.

Marble is the softest of the list above and salespeople have been brainwashed into telling people its impossible to keep clean and very high maintenance, which is completely untrue. Sealers are far more advanced than what they were years ago with the sealer we use we can give you 15 year stain resistance guarantee on all natural stones. Marbles WILL etch however, let me explain the difference between a stain and and a etch.

A etch is where something acidic can have a chemical reaction with the calcareous stone. a etch is not like a stain although may present like one. honed marbles are less susceptible to seeing a etch then a high polished surface. granites and true quartzites will not etch because of the composition of the stone.

Quartz by design is heat resistant and stain resistant which makes it the easier choice to sell and its acutally made to try and look like a marble, it just doesn't unfortunately. I am no means bashing quartz its still the biggest seller in the market and still around 50% of our business but we believe in educating our customers and showing all the options.

Just go to Italy or Spain and look around, marble is everywhere and has been for hundreds of years and will be for hundreds of years to come and it still looks magnificent.

Our yard, Little Italy is packed full of the world's finest stones, constantly adding to our stock so that we have the largest choice in the North East. We create Art in stone working with the best showrooms in Newcastle and Teesside. We work direct to public too so if you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss, give us a call and we can make an appointment.

green canyon quartzite in stock at R.O surfaces

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