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Do I want DEKTON worktops???

a question we get asked lots about this material

does it scratch, can I put my pans on it and a host of other questions we are going to answer today

the stunning Dekton Orix R.O Surfaces have manufactured and installed

is Dekton real stone??

Dekton is a mix of completely organic raw materials pressed together and fired in a kiln up to 1200 degrees, just enough to fuse the materials together to create this super hard material. So Dekton is made up of all real stones but as for it BEING a real stone then it's not like a real stone such as granite or marble that's mined out of the ground cut and polished then sent out to fabricators.

Does Dekton scratch?

Will Dekton scratch?? Dekton is extremely hard and I mean rock hard (get it) a piece of broken Dekton would scratch itself but everyday items such as knifes, pots and pan etc wouldn't scratch the surface of Dekton.

The only exception I would make to this is the super polished versions of Dekton or any glossy material infact where you may get a very small surface scratch in the polish, Also these are actually able to be polished out with the right equipment

can i put a boiling hot pan direct on Dekton?

Yes you can infact put boiling pans straight from your hob onto the surface of your Dekton worktops. Dekton is not effected by thermal shock the way some other worktops choices are infact its unique it its ability to handle heat and cold, a boiling hot pan will not effect your Dekton worktops at all


Dekton is going to cost you more than a entry-level quartz for instance and with good reason, to be fabricated properly this material will take a lot longer than quartz which means more man hours in the manufacturing procedure its is certainly not a material you want to find the cheapest quote and go for without looking into the company and there credentials first

How long is the Dekton warranty

Dekton is warrantied for 25 years but this material would last 100 + years if needs be there is nothing to fail after 25 years at all, its UV stable, so even outside it would be absolutely fine after 25 years

What can Dekton be used for?

Dekton has a wide variety of uses throughout the home due to its make up it can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, facades, furniture, sinks etc

We at R.O Surfaces have had the privilege of completing some absolutely stunning jobs in Dekton all over Newcastle and the north east from Fireplaces and bars in Wynyard Teeside to BBQs in Alnwick Northumberland to worktops in Newcastle to full steam rooms and bathrooms in Ponteland and Whickham so it's fair to say we've had our fair share of experience with it