How to Care for Granite Worktops

Granite is a trendy coarse-grained igneous rock that homeowners incorporate into their property in various ways. From vanity units to flooring, staircases to coffee tables, granite is a very multifunctional material. However, property owners primary use for the stone is predominantly for kitchen worktops.

The material is exemplary for kitchen worktops due to its elegant aesthetic. It is also highly heat-resistant and hard to scratch, which are two very desirable features.

Although granite is a very robust material, those who use it in their home should still make sure to take care of it, for it to continue looking its best.

Throughout this article, we will focus on several of the most common ways granite can become damaged and how homeowners can take the necessary steps to refrain from these.

What are the most common causes which lead to damaging your granite worktop?

Even though granite is a highly heat resistant material, scorching temperatures can still damage the surface if owners are not cautious. It is strongly advised homeowners with granite worktops be careful with hot kitchen equipment such as pans and stay clear from placing it directly onto the surface, resulting in causing marks that may permanently damage the surface. Furthermore, heat is also known to cause the material to discolour.

Scratches are another common cause that can damage granite as if not appropriately treated; the scratches can remain on the surface indefinitely. The most frequent source of scratched worktops is through using a knife directly onto the surface, and so it is fully advised that any food preparation done on a granite surface should use a chopping board.

How can you protect your granite worktop?

As well as the above advice, there are also numerous amounts of other precautions homeowners can do to protect their granite surfaces. For example, applying an anti-stain solution is very beneficial. However, it should be noted that before the solution is added to any worktop, the joins must be appropriately sealed first.

To keep the worktop in peak condition, the anti-stain solution process is advised to be repeated every six months for maximum results. Although, in between this time, a simple mild soap and shop-bought detergent along with water and a soft cloth to clean down the surface regularly are sufficient.

It is worth considering that abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool and powdered cleansers should not be used on the surface under any circumstances as these could lead to long term damage.

It is advised for homeowners who do not want everyday marks to show up on their worktops easily to opt for a plain coloured granite surface over the likes of black as it will help disguise any unwanted blemishes. Nevertheless, property owners who are planning on purchasing granite should be aware that the stone is a natural product, which means there is bound to be fluctuation.

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