How to Keep Granite Worktops Looking New

Granite is one of the most popular materials chosen for kitchen countertops. Derived from genuine natural stone, it is widely utilised in homes due to its timeless aesthetic and practical qualities, making it an ideal surface to be installed into any modern kitchen. The stone is heat resistant, scratch resistant, hygienic and, provided it is cared for properly, extremely durable.

Although granite is a hard-wearing surface, grease and even spillages can often take their toll, making it crucial for homeowners to clean granite worktops properly.

Here are some tips which will help you to keep your surfaces looking shiny and new:

Granite is a porous material that soaks up liquids more than other worktop materials such as quartz, so it is advised to get it sealed every six months. Cleaning granite worktops require a little extra care.

It is essential to clean your granite worktops after food preparation with hot, soapy water and a damp microfiber cloth and buff up with another. Buffing granite after cleaning will help keep the surface looking shiny by combating water spots and streaks. It is recommended that you give your worktops a deep clean every week to keep them in the best possible condition using a PH neutral cleaner. Alternatively, you can also make a homemade cleaner by mixing baking powder and water.

Do not place hot saucepans directly onto granite kitchen worktops. Granite is naturally heat resistant, but cooking residue and excessive heat in a concentrated area may damage the granite. The use of a pan-stand or heat resistant mat is advised.

Always use coasters when placing drinks onto granite worktops, especially hot beverages and alcoholic beverages. Some drinks may stain, while the acid in others may cause the surface of the worktop to become dull.

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