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We absolutely love natural stone i mean don't get me wrong we love all stones but there's something about natural stone that no other surface gives you

The touch, texture, colours and depth are mother nature's speciality. Take a look at this Blue Roma Quartzite that we have recently fabricated and fitted for Porcelanosa on Scotswood road Newcastle its beautiful

The striking blue colour with its bold gold and brown veining certainly makes this stand out from the crowd. Quartzite is formed by millions of years of heat and pressure underground.

Quartzite started out life as pure quartz sandstone but with the magic of the earth its formed into this beautiful stone you see here in the picture.

Natural stone has always been in trend but a lot of end users are pushed towards "quartz worktops" for a few reasons.

Salespeople not being educated in what is available out there - they may have a stand from Silestone or Caeserstone in the showroom and not know what else is available so push what they have in front of them

The myth that natural stone is hard to look after? This one couldn't be further from the truth. years ago maybe there was some maintenance with certain stones but as with everything, technology moves on. We have sealers available now which guarantee non-staining for 15 years!! using microporous technology the sealers go into the stone rather than sit on top (like the old types). R.O surfaces is an approved applicator of Dry-Treat which is quite frankly the best that we have found which is why we choose to use it. Peace of mind for both parties.

Im not bashing other worksurfaces at all, "quartz worktops" were developed in the 1960s by Breton Spa an Italian company that also now makes some fantastic machinery for the stone market. Natural quartz was mixed with a resin binder to create the quartz that we all know and love today and some of the decors are really stunning. Silestone leads the market as distributors with a vast amount of colours, they are great!! Low maintenance, stain resistant, scratch resistant, hygenic a great choice and still a huge part of any fabricator's business.

In fact still about 70 per cent of our business as a fabricator. From a manufacturing point of view is the dream material (most of the time) no worries of snapping through natural vents or viens, you know what's going to happen with it on the machines. the decors can be created again and again.

But and a big but it just hasn't got THAT. Whatever THAT is maybe the uniqueness of every single natural stone being different, granite, quartzite and marbles being made up of different minerals that you can actually touch and see, or maybe its because its been in the ground for millions of years and that beauty just can not be replicated.

Not every customer likes these features a small spiderweb or a little hairline crack under the polish may be considered not aesthetically pleasing to some people, where as we know its not a fault is just natural, infact its a character of the stone.

Or maybe being fabricators we are just hugely biased to natural stone, which is probably more the case haha!!

But for now natural stone is bang on trend and long may it continue

If you're on the lookout for new worktops then why not come in and see us at R.O Surfaces, Unit 2, foundry Park, Market Lane, Swalwell, ne16 3ds. We literally have hundreds of samples for you to view and a porcelain yard with full slabs in for your viewing pleasure, I promise we won't make you buy natural stone if you don't want to haha!!! we are the number 1 choice for worktops in Newcastle Upon Tyne