Quartz vs Granite Worktops: Everything You Should Know

When attempting to create a new look for your kitchen, choosing the ideal worktop to fit your design desires can be both demanding and time-consuming. There is a vast selection of worktop materials out there for you to incorporate into your home, and this can often make the selection process tough often placing homeowners in a challenging position when picking a worktop which fits both their lifestyle and space. Your perfect kitchen worktop should require low maintenance, be both versatile and durable all while having its unique design style. Taking all these factors into consideration, quartz and granite are two types of igneous rock which meet the perfect worktop specifications.

When deciding what material to instal for your kitchen worktops, both granite and quartz are popular materials. Not only do these materials add a decorative aesthetic to any kitchen, they individually provide their own advantages. Granite is a tough substance, making it the ideal choice for people who want a durable, long-lasting worktop. Whereas quartz is non-porous, making it highly stain resistant. However, both materials will not disappoint in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are human-made engineered stone worktops, and they are formed by combining 90% ground quartz (one of the hardest minerals found in the earth) with small amounts of glass or metallic pigments, to add diversity, resulting in highly attractive worktops. Additional benefits of quartz are that it is incredibly hard and durable. It is a non-porous material and therefore very resistant to cracks and stains. Consequently, to these properties, quartz worktops never require to be sealed.

Since quartz is not natural, and instead human-made, your options for colours and designs are endless from natural colours like whites and blacks to more unique colours such as blues or pinks. When compared to other materials, quartz worktops have a unique and glossy finish which can bring character to any kitchen. Quartz is the most common material in the earth’s crust, and mining it affects the environment a lot less than mining other, rarer elements, another benefit why quartz is the perfect worktop material for your home.

Granite Worktops

Similarly to quartz another commonly used material for worktops is granite. Granite is a natural rock which is drilled, chiselled and blasted out of quarries in large blocks, special milling machines then cut the rock into workable slabs which are then polished for use in homes. Unlike quartz, granite worktops are more vulnerable to staining. Therefore we highly recommend that you get any granite surface sealed to prevent any discolouration or blemishes appearing on your worktop. To keep granite sparkling, clean with hot water and soap after usage.

Due to its weight and strength, granite is thicker and more durable to similar materials, making it resistant to scratches and able to resist temperature changes. As granite is a natural stone, it doesn’t have the same extensive range of colours as quartz. The slabs also do have their imperfections as it is not manufactured artificially. Therefore if you want to have worktops which match your kitchen’s decor to the tee, it may prove extremely difficult to find the right design or shade.

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