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Three 2021 Kitchen Trends

With continuous fashionable kitchen brands springing up, lots of innovative design ideas and creative twists on old appliance designs, there are many on-trend looks taking kitchens by storm so early on into 2021.

Below, we take a look at the most significant trends for kitchens of 2021 so far!


If there’s one thing that’s dominating the style charts and switching up interiors, it is the return of marble.

Heavily veined marble is making a significant comeback. The stone is a very in-demand choice and is used as a stable in both kitchens and bathrooms. Marble is also very sustainable and has good durability when sealed professionally every one or two years.

Marble has long been highly valued for its beauty and strength; its classic attributes and ability to hold out against passing trends makes the stone a timeless addition to any home.

Naturally strong veined marble can help add a statement to a kitchen or bathroom and aid in the creation of the textural contract between other surfaces such as metals and woods.

Reinvented Black

Often heard being described as the kitchen’s ‘it colour’, all-black kitchens have become increasingly popular.

Now being used to add a bit of sophistication into the kitchen through the introduction of - black walls, cabinetry and even work surfaces, black is having something of a moment.

Previously overlooked as a colour used in comparatively small quantities in spaces, to add impact and interest, black has begun to take design centre stage. Interior stylists and homeowners now use the colour to add a sense of luxe and pair with textured woods to give any room a rustic, homely charm.

White kitchen countertops using quartz and solid surface also pair very well with black cabinetry and can help add a sense of sophistication and style to any kitchen.

Pop of Colour

Unexpected paint-colour pairings have become very favourable at present. Kitchens are filled with colour opportunities, from surfaces and cabinets to appliances and flooring.

If the idea of adding a pop of colour to your kitchen is intriguing, you should start by contemplating how much of a permanent commitment you are willing to make. An easy and cost-effective place to begin your exploration of colour is by simply painting a wall. If this still doesn’t satisfy your need for colour, another great way to introduce it into your kitchen is through your countertops.

Quartz worktops have a significant variety of colours to help you gather inspiration from, these include -

  • Grey

  • Black

  • White

  • Brown

  • Blue

  • And even red

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