Why Are Quartz Worktops So Popular?

In recent years, natural stone has become an exceedingly growing choice for homeowners searching for that perfect kitchen worktop. Although both granite and marble have been long-staples in kitchens globally, quartz has become an increasingly popular choice for worktops with homeowners and designers alike. Quartz is an engineered material that offers numerous positive attributes, including durability, low maintenance and cost.

Here are three reasons why quartz worktops are so popular with homeowners:


Unlike natural stones such as marble or granite, which are mined from queries, quartz is engineered and produced in factories using some of the hardest minerals on earth, making it harder than granite and therefore more durable.

Dissimilar to other worktop materials, quartz is scratch resistant and less likely to chip or crack, making it the perfect kitchen worktop for homeowners with children. Additionally, engineered quartz is designed to resist corrosion and blotches from cooking oils and other liquids.

Low Maintenance

Quartz is non-porous, immune to stains and never has to be resealed, unlike its sister stones, granite and marble. This means that accidental spillages from cooking or everyday life will never affect a quartz worktop and instead can be wiped away easily, making them look new.

Unlike other worktop materials, which cannot be exposed to harsh cleaning products or chemicals, quartz can be wiped down with bleach products and remain unharmed.


Another advantage of quartz is its wide variety of design possibilities. As it is an engineered material, quartz is available in more colours than both granite or stone. Pigments can be added to change the shade during the manufacturing process and achieve your desired look subtly.

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