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Why Your Kitchen Should Have a Splashback

Splashbacks are a great addition to any kitchen, and they are much more than a practical incorporation. They can often have a vast impact upon the overall look and feel of your kitchen as they’re a great way to help integrate your desired style and add a sense of personality which mirrors your tastes. A splashback does a great deal more than solely filling in a gap within your kitchen or finishing a space off, installing a splashback can unite your whole kitchen design.

Kitchen splashbacks can be made from an extensive array of materials including glass, granite and stone. The primary purpose of any kitchen splashback is to protect the wall areas behind cooker surfaces, shielding the wall from any splashes which occur from cooking. Any well-installed splashback can elevate the look of your kitchen at a reasonable cost as well as having functional purposes.

What properties should a good kitchen splashback have?

Kitchen splashbacks which have been designed to protect your walls from spills, splashes, moisture and cooking debris should have the following features -

  • Heatproof, splashbacks should be heat resistant to up at least 220C. However, whichever material you may choose can affect its ability to resist great heat, with some materials such as glass, being more heat resistant than others.

  • Even when it comes time to clean, splashbacks should be easy to maintain, a wipe down with glass cleaner or general cleaning agents will make any splashback look as good as new.

  • Your splashback will inevitably get splashes from cooking. However, the surface should never become permanently stained.

  • Kitchen splashbacks should never need scrubbing to remove mould or stains from group joints.

Installing a kitchen splashback serves other purposes such as -

  • They can help lighten up your kitchen by reflecting more light into the room. Mirrored splashbacks can help create an illusion to make any cramped space feel larger.

  • They can be designed to meet individual design preferences and create consistency throughout any kitchen if the colour is the same as your countertop.

  • They are affordable and can give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated look.

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