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Worktops Which Reduce Germ and Bacteria Build-up in Kitchens

A popular misconception is that the dirtiest room in any house is the bathroom, when in fact, it is the kitchen where germs and bacteria seem to thrive the most. Considering we prepare our meals in this room, it is common knowledge that raw poultry and other food items harbour all kinds of nasty bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli - both of which can cause mild to severe gut and skin infections while also posing other health risks.

To prevent cross-contamination, it is advised to choose kitchen worktops that do not shelter or help spread harmful bacteria.

Non-porous worktops are less susceptible to germs, meaning that any worktop with this attribute has greater protection against these damaging organisms.

In this blog, we have gathered a collection of the best materials which are great for minimising germs in your kitchen and keep your cooking space bacteria-free.


Granite is a natural stone that is formed by millions of years of compressed molten rock fusing together. Because of this process, granite worktops act as a virtually impenetrable shield against germs and bacteria commonly found in every kitchen.

Although granite is a porous material, annually sealing the surface reduces its porosity and keeps it in perfect shape. Professionally sealing granite prevents the surface from harbouring viruses and bacteria and, in addition to this, helps maintain the natural stone’s aesthetic for longer.

However, it should be noted that homeowners with any granite surface should refrain from using any harsh chemicals for cleaning the stone as it can permanently damage the surface.

Quartz Countertops

Unlike granite, quartz worktops require almost no maintenance. Quartz worktops are made from around 90% to 94% natural quartz and 6% to 10% pigments and resins, depending on the manufacturer. This results in the surface being both non-porous and very durable. As there is no absorption of dirt or filth, quartz worktops won’t aid the transferral of bacterial onto everyday objects and food found in the kitchen.

It is recommended that for regular cleaning of any quartz worktop, to only use a soft, dampened cloth with mild soapy water and avoid any abrasive household cleaners.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops merge pure acrylic resin with natural minerals, which aid in forming a non-porous surface perfect for helping fight bacteria and germs. As solid surface countertops do not have any visible seams or require grouting, there is no place for germs to persist, making it an excellent choice for reducing germ and bacteria build-up in kitchens.

Solid Surface worktops are incredibly durable, long-lasting and require little maintenance from homeowners.

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