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Quartz is one of nature’s hardest materials, making it an extremely durable surface for any kitchen which sees a lot of activity. Not only is Quartz a stylish solution for your kitchen, but there are also many benefits to choosing Quartz worktops -

  • Hardwearing - As one of the most hardwearing man-made materials available, Quartz is less porous than other stone worktops such as Granite or Marble. This quality makes it incredibly stain resistant, making it perfect for areas such as kitchens where there is likely to be a lot of spillage during food preparation. Quartz worktops also never hold onto any spillages or liquids, and as a direct result of this, it is tough to stain.

  • Hygienic - Quartz works at preventing bacterial growth on the surface, making it a very clean worktop for your kitchen. As it is a very dense and compact material, bacteria doesn’t grow or spread as rapidly as on other kitchen surfaces.

  • Consistent in colour and design - As Quartz has been manufactured and man-made, it is very consistent in terms of both colour and pattern. Quartz also has a refined quality which makes it adaptable to different kitchen style schemes such as contemporary, industrial or classic.

How To Care For Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are a perfect addition to any lively family kitchen as they’re durable and effortless to clean. With a bit of straightforward preservation, you can keep your Quartz worktops looking immaculate for years to come.

Cleaning Your Quartz Worktop

As Quartz is a robust non-porous surface, it makes cleaning very easy and stress-free. Quartz does not require any special cleaner, simply use a bit of warm water with either soap or non-abrasive cleaner with a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe down the surface. Although stain-resistant, Quartz countertops are not stain proof, and therefore liquids should be wiped up as soon as possible. Quartz will resist stains for a short period, but all coloured liquids should be cleaned up immediately.

Do’s & Don’ts

Below we have assembled some helpful cleaning advice to aid you in keeping your Quartz worktop in an immaculate condition.

Do -

  • Clean your worktops daily with warm water and a few drops of surface cleaner or antibacterial detergent, using a soft cloth.

  • Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent staining to your worktops.

  • Use heat pads and stands for hot pans and trays, though Quartz can withstand mild heat, placing boiling pots or pans directly down onto the surface can result in long term damage.

  • Avoid using cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine; these can stain the stone and discolour Quartz.

  • Be cautious when using oil, try to prevent spillages onto your worktops, and don’t use cleaning products that contain oil as it can dull a polished finish and leave an unwanted residue on the surface.

Don’t -

  • Use vinegar, ammonia, lemon or orange cleaners, they’re very acidic and can cause the Quartz to discolour or disintegrate.

  • Store liquids directly onto your countertop.

  • Cut or chop directly onto your worksurface, although Quartz is highly scratch resistant, it still can and does sometimes scratch. Always make sure you use a chopping board when preparing food.

  • Use generic cleaning solutions such as glass cleaner or bleach.

Quartz worktops are a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen. Browse our portfolio to see some of our previous works or contact us today on 0191 4477440 to chat with a member of our team.

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Splashbacks are a great addition to any kitchen, and they are much more than a practical incorporation. They can often have a vast impact upon the overall look and feel of your kitchen as they’re a great way to help integrate your desired style and add a sense of personality which mirrors your tastes. A splashback does a great deal more than solely filling in a gap within your kitchen or finishing a space off, installing a splashback can unite your whole kitchen design.

Kitchen splashbacks can be made from an extensive array of materials including glass, granite and stone. The primary purpose of any kitchen splashback is to protect the wall areas behind cooker surfaces, shielding the wall from any splashes which occur from cooking. Any well-installed splashback can elevate the look of your kitchen at a reasonable cost as well as having functional purposes.

What properties should a good kitchen splashback have?

Kitchen splashbacks which have been designed to protect your walls from spills, splashes, moisture and cooking debris should have the following features -

  • Heatproof, splashbacks should be heat resistant to up at least 220C. However, whichever material you may choose can affect its ability to resist great heat, with some materials such as glass, being more heat resistant than others.

  • Even when it comes time to clean, splashbacks should be easy to maintain, a wipe down with glass cleaner or general cleaning agents will make any splashback look as good as new.

  • Your splashback will inevitably get splashes from cooking. However, the surface should never become permanently stained.

  • Kitchen splashbacks should never need scrubbing to remove mould or stains from group joints.

Installing a kitchen splashback serves other purposes such as -

  • They can help lighten up your kitchen by reflecting more light into the room. Mirrored splashbacks can help create an illusion to make any cramped space feel larger.

  • They can be designed to meet individual design preferences and create consistency throughout any kitchen if the colour is the same as your countertop.

  • They are affordable and can give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated look.

At R.O Surfaces, we are proud to install and manufacture kitchen splashbacks. If you are wanting to know more about materials that can best fit your needs for your kitchen, contact us today on 0191 4477440. You can also see a range of our previous work here -

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When attempting to create a new look for your kitchen, choosing the ideal worktop to fit your design desires can be both demanding and time-consuming. There is a vast selection of worktop materials out there for you to incorporate into your home, and this can often make the selection process tough often placing homeowners in a challenging position when picking a worktop which fits both their lifestyle and space. Your perfect kitchen worktop should require low maintenance, be both versatile and durable all while having its unique design style. Taking all these factors into consideration, quartz and granite are two types of igneous rock which meet the perfect worktop specifications.

When deciding what material to instal for your kitchen worktops, both granite and quartz are popular materials. Not only do these materials add a decorative aesthetic to any kitchen, they individually provide their own advantages. Granite is a tough substance, making it the ideal choice for people who want a durable, long-lasting worktop. Whereas quartz is non-porous, making it highly stain resistant. However, both materials will not disappoint in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are human-made engineered stone worktops, and they are formed by combining 90% ground quartz (one of the hardest minerals found in the earth) with small amounts of glass or metallic pigments, to add diversity, resulting in highly attractive worktops. Additional benefits of quartz are that it is incredibly hard and durable. It is a non-porous material and therefore very resistant to cracks and stains. Consequently, to these properties, quartz worktops never require to be sealed.

Since quartz is not natural, and instead human-made, your options for colours and designs are endless from natural colours like whites and blacks to more unique colours such as blues or pinks. When compared to other materials, quartz worktops have a unique and glossy finish which can bring character to any kitchen. Quartz is the most common material in the earth’s crust, and mining it affects the environment a lot less than mining other, rarer elements, another benefit why quartz is the perfect worktop material for your home.

Granite Worktops

Similarly to quartz another commonly used material for worktops is granite. Granite is a natural rock which is drilled, chiselled and blasted out of quarries in large blocks, special milling machines then cut the rock into workable slabs which are then polished for use in homes. Unlike quartz, granite worktops are more vulnerable to staining. Therefore we highly recommend that you get any granite surface sealed to prevent any discolouration or blemishes appearing on your worktop. To keep granite sparkling, clean with hot water and soap after usage.

Due to its weight and strength, granite is thicker and more durable to similar materials, making it resistant to scratches and able to resist temperature changes. As granite is a natural stone, it doesn’t have the same extensive range of colours as quartz. The slabs also do have their imperfections as it is not manufactured artificially. Therefore if you want to have worktops which match your kitchen’s decor to the tee, it may prove extremely difficult to find the right design or shade.

At R.O Surfaces, we are proud to have installed and manufactured hundreds of fantastic quartz and granite worktops. You can see a range of our work here -, or get in touch directly to see what we can do for you, 0191 4477440.

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