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is Dekton expensive, is Dekton as good as quartz?

Some of the most common questions we get asked, is Dekton as good as quartz and is Dekton expensive??? Dekton and other sintered stones (and porcelain) perform much better than quartz in terms of heat resistance and stain resistance, Also in appearance as the decors in all sintered and porcelains is incomparable to quartz.

check out the image above to see what we are talking about, this is from a live job of ours fitted in Blaydon, near our R.O Surfaces factory. It is the stunning Dekton Khalo. Replicating the absolutely amazing Patagonia quartzite it is truly beautiful.

Cost wise there are some decores of Dekton that are more expensive than quartz and vice versa for instance a group 1 Dekton, Dekton Aries for example would most likely be more cost effective than a top group silestone Quartz . But in general, Dekton would be more than quartz if you compare from the same bands (i.e price group 6 Dekton vs price group 6 Silestone)

Dekton Vs Quartz. Dekton has a much higher heat resistance meaning you can place hot pans directly onto your worktops where as quartz you cannot do that due to the risk of burning the resins in it. The Stain resistance is much higher too. Quartz will stain (regardless of what the salesman says) We've been out to many jobs to remove stains from quartz. whereas Dekton won't stain (at least not as easily) a quick youtube search shows tests being done with such things as red wine, curry, turmeric and tea and the Dektons and porcelains came out on top by a country mile.

If you are thinking of having a porcelain or Dekton worktop why not give us a call on 0191 4477440 to make an appointment? We are the largest Dekton fabricator in the North East


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