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Seamless joints in Quartz worktops?

You can with R.O Surfaces

Here at R.O. Surfaces, we believe in quality every time, which is why we only sell the highest quality materials and do the best possible job available. Check out the photo above to see one of our seamless joins. Traditionally stone joins have never been able to be like this but with our investments into machinery and techniques we offer these as a standard service, we believe in one level of quality and that is the highest!!!!

We are the only quartz worktop supplier in the North East to offer these and also the only quartz supplier to offer all of our quartz with full NSF certification for your and our peace of mind that your worktops are safe.

There is a huge buzz around "silica" at the minute causing cancer and Silicosis which is forcing those fabricators who don't already to fabricate in a safer manner and rightly so. But what we don't know is what is in the unregulated quartz. Literally, anything can be in it, they have been known to change color because of the resins within months, we've seen it firsthand when we have had people ring us up to come and look at it we've seen whites turning yellow and greys turning a completely different color (nearly black).

So just be mindful when you are shopping for your new worktops of what your are actually buying. Does it come with a guarantee? Can the fabricator show you the NSF certification?

Although we are not the cheapest we absolutely believe we do the best job available from the initial meeting to design right through to completion and sign-off. Our staff have a huge combined experience and are the most passionate team around. Our work speaks for itself, working alongside the best trade showrooms in the North East and also direct to customers we have a solid reputation for quality and service of which we are immensely proud.

We supply bespoke worktops in granite, quartzite, marble, porcelain, and quartz all over the northeast, Northumberland, Cumbria, and Teeside. We have a viewing yard full of the finest quartzites, granites and porcelains along with terra stone quartz range

Give us a call to arrange an appointment to see what we can do for you on 0191 4477440

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