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Where to start when looking for a new kitchen

Why choosing your stone first is the way to go!!

Why you should plan your kitchen around your worktop choices

Traditionally worktops have been one of the last choices when picking your kitchen, but what we see is time and time again is customers coming in and falling in love with some stones and its way past what has been budgeted for. This is why we think that picking your tops should be one of the first priorities.

If you pick one of the generic quartz worktops then fair enough a small sample at the kitchen studio wont be to far away from what the actual slab is but say for instance you want a Dekton worktop or a quartzite a little sample isnt going to cut it, you need to see the full slabs and the budget will not be the same as a lower priced group quartz.

Lets face it when your kitchen is finished and looking beautiful the main focal point is the worktops. no one comes in your house saying i love your cabinets!! they say i love your worktops firstly then the doors. So tops first then doors second!!

Here at R.O Surfaces, we are always willing to guide customers for worktops on their colour schemes or which stone they like. we work with only the best stone suppliers across the UK and the world to bring in the finest stones in the game.

With literally hundreds of choice on natural stone (granite, quartzite, marble), Porcelain and sintered stone (Dekton, Neolith, Laminam, Grespania etc,) and quartz (silestone, ceaserstone, crl, terra stone, stone italina)

So if you're looking for a new kitchen think about coming to see your stone supplier first and work from there! If you are in the North east of England come and see us at R.O and we will help you through the whole process.

callacatta cohen gold, exclusive to R.O Surfaces in the North East

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