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You've chipped your worktops and you don't know what to do!!

Come see us and we'll help you out not a problem!!! R.O to save the day

There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get when something gets damaged, the blind panic sinks in, is the worktop ruined, can anyone fix it, will I see it after its repaired!! 101 things race through your head but don't worry the end is not nigh!!

Its not all chipped worktops though we also do hearths, stone restoration services, full repolishes of marble floors, and full repolishes of solid surfaces worktops such as corian, staron, minerva, hi-macs etc

so if you are in the north east, newcastle, northumberland, teesside, or cumbria and need a repair give us a call - 0191 4477440

Will my chip repair be visible?? - Not every repair is invisible but most turn out so well that you can't see them from 1 meter away, a lot turn out completely invisible and rest assured we use all of the best methods and materials to do repairs. We can even repolish the face of most quartz and granites too!! we import the best repair materials from all over the world including USA and Italy so we can give you our customers the best chance at a completely invisible repair.

So if you need a chip repair for worktops Newcastle upon tyne then drop us a message or come and see us - 0191 4477440 or email

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